Gentrification in Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Download the PDF of CURA's Housing Forum, "Gentrification in Minneapolis and St. Paul"

The Housing Forum was on February 23, 2018 and explored both our Qualitative and Quantitative results

CURA’s study of gentrification in Minneapolis and St. Paul is an attempt to describe the changes taking place in lower-income neighborhoods in the two central cities.

Our study has two major components.  

The first is an analysis of census data, information on housing markets, and building permits to assess the changes occurring in Twin Cities’ neighborhoods.  This “quantitative” analysis examines the period of time between 2000 and 2015, and looks at every neighborhood in the two cities.

The second component of our research involves interviews with residents, neighborhood leaders, business people, and public officials to assess their perceptions of the changes occurring in certain neighborhoods of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  This “qualitative” part of the study focuses on several neighborhoods where we saw changes occurring that were consistent with gentrification (according to our quantitative analysis).

By looking at what ‘the numbers’ tell us about neighborhood change, and cross-referencing the lived experience of those working and living in those areas, we hope to provide a fuller account of the changing dynamics of neighborhoods in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.